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Building up your database using Facebook Lead Ads is one of the easiest & most affordable ways to lead generate. These leads can cost anywhere from .50 cents to $2+ per lead. However, these leads are not what we would call “HOT” or “Come List Me” leads. 

They are generally a cold, top of the funnel audience for you to warm up. The premise behind this strategy is to build a database full of locals and then follow up with them with email updates & retargeting ads.

There are generally 2 hooks we use in building a real estate digital farm using Facebook Lead Ads

HOOK 1 – Live/Play Updates 

The Strategy/Hook 1: The strategy behind the Live/Play updates is to get them to sign up for alerts about great restaurants, things to do, local attractions & real estate updates. It’s best to provide them with a weekly or every other week email update & a monthly retargeting Facebook Campaign.


real estate digital farm newsletter strategy

HOOK 2 – Market Analysis Sign Up

The Strategy/Hook 2: If you don’t have time or the interest in promoting local, you can just promote your analysis of how the market is doing monthly. So be sure to sit down and do a write up on your local housing market every month. Send it out in email & retarget your audience once a month. 


real estate digital farm market update strategy

Advanced Retargeting Strategy: 

In your emails, always have one link out to a buyer resource & one link out to a seller resource. As people get interested in buying or selling and click these links, you will want to retarget the traffic to these on Facebook to get them to engage more with you.


Warming up a cold audience through email marketing & retargeting will help you build local trust & real estate authority. The people that enter your database through this strategy will probably not be interested in buying or selling a home at first glance . Around 27% of them will be considering a move in the future, so stay consistent with your communication & messaging.

Need more help crafting your digital farming real estate strategy? 

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