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Google My Business (GMB) can be a useful tool for real estate agents looking to harness the power of search engine optimization (SEO). When used in the right way, this free tool can deliver a high return on investment (ROI) to various businesses in different industries. 

Is Google My Business for real estate agents really worth it?

Real estate agents who run their own business can create a GMB account to reap the benefits that it offers. They can only enjoy these benefits when they’ve optimized their Google My Business profiles. Ranking high on the Google search engine can help drive traffic to a business’ website and increase conversion rates. 

But how can real estate firms optimize their GMB profile successfully? Below are seven procedures that will deliver the desired results. 

1. Providing a Detailed Google My Business Description for Real Estate

Google requires all businesses to write a detailed description of what they do. The word count for the description should range from 250 to 400 words. 

Real estate companies can optimize their business descriptions for SEO by infusing keywords that potential real estate buyers and sellers would search for online. The description should appeal to people looking to buy or sell real estate property in the area that a company serves.

The GMB page should have unique wording to avoid replicating what’s already posted on the business website. 

2. Adding your NAP (name address phone) and Posting Photos and Videos

Real estate firms should maintain a consistent NAP across all online platforms to rank well in the local organic searches.

Google offers an automated method to add service hours. Realtors that keep their doors open to clients outside of the normal operating days or hours can add the extra working days or hours to their GMB page manually. 

Photos and videos show off a brand’s personality. It’s best to use quality photos and videos that portray the interior and exterior sections of the business premises. Google usually displays these visual media on the search results, so realtors should put their best foot forward when it comes to creating positive first impressions about their businesses. 

Stock images should be avoided in Google My Business for real estate since they don’t do much to make real estate agents relatable to potential clientele. 

3. Setting up the Booking Button and Messaging Feature

The Booking button works well for real estate companies that allow customers to book appointments directly from a GMB page. This button not only helps with scheduling appointments but can also attract new clients. 

With the Messaging feature, it’s easier to communicate directly with potential customers looking to know more about real estate services or products. Realtors can rely on it to engage with more people who see their GMB profile. 

To start sending and receiving messages from interested parties, real estate businesses have to activate Messaging from their GMB dashboard.

Google My Business for Real Estate
Google My Business for Real Estate

4. Filling out the Q&A Section and Inviting Online Reviews

Real estate companies’ local SEO strategies can benefit from the Q&A feature. It lets online searchers to find out what a realtor does and can do for them through a question and answer approach. 

For the Q&A section to work effectively, it must contain answers to common questions that real estate clients typically ask. The customer support team can help to single out some of the frequently asked questions they encounter when interacting with potential clients. 

Unlike many other online listings, GMB allows real estate businesses to ask for reviews from their clients. These reviews show up in people’s search results and can help build a business’ online reputation and is the #1 reason Google My Business for real estate agents is so important.

5. Deleting Duplicate GMB Pages That Are Currently Active

Some real estate firms think that they can improve their search ranking and draw traffic to their site by creating several GMB listings for the same business. 

Google expects businesses to only maintain one listing at a time – a business can only maintain multiple GMB pages if it operates in multiple locations.

Deleting duplicate GMB accounts is a good idea for realtors looking to optimize their GMB profiles in the specific areas they serve.

6. Regularly Posting On the GMB Page

Many real estate businesses that fail with their GMB listings attribute the failure to a lack of engagement. 

As realtors create their GMB profile, they should remember that engagement is the key to high organic rankings and increased website traffic. They should be creative when engaging with searchers and potential customers. If possible, they should log in to their page daily and keep the content interactive.

Responding to any queries searchers may leave will encourage more feedback. Sharing photos and videos (besides the ones featured on the GMB profile), local news, and useful articles can also help to liven up the page. 

While one post a week is the bare minimum, real estate firms should aim for at least one post a day. 

They can create a sense of authority on their page by engaging with industry regulators, strategic partners, and other influential parties.

7. Adding All the Information Needed to Complete a GMB Listing

Any real estate business that wants to optimize their GMB profile should make sure they provide all the information required for a complete listing. 

An incomplete GMB profile often hurts the chances of a business benefiting from the power of SEO. Furthermore, Google will give searchers an option to suggest edits on a GMB page if it’s incomplete. 

Google expects all businesses to fill out all the sections on their GMB page as a way of optimizing it for higher search ranking. 

Real estate companies looking to get the most out of their GMB page should ensure that their profile has accurate and up-to-date information, especially in crises situations.

Reaping the Benefits of an Optimized Google My Business for real Estate

Setting up a Google My Business profile is only the first step towards improving real estate agents’ local SEO. Optimizing the account is what drives traffic to it and allows engagement with customers. The above-guide can help to optimize GMB accounts for real estate agents, but it’s not gospel – agents should be on the lookout for new GMB features that will keep their business profile primed for success.