There are 5 steps to follow to create a killer digital marketing strategy for real estate. Each step requires a system or tools. This is the base of the strategy we use at Agent Access to procure ‘Come List Me’ & ‘Come Help Me Buy’ clients.

Yep, we’re letting you peek inside the strategy behind our marketing plans.

5 Step Strategy

  1. Create a website & social profiles with valuable real estate & community content. 
  2. Create a visual asset library
    • Visuals related to the community 
    • Visuals related the buyer/seller journey. 
    • Visuals of current listings/just sold/under contract
  3. Build an audience. 
    • Add names to a CRM Database Daily. 
    • Generate traffic to a website. 
    • Generate traffic, likes & followers to social media profiles
  4. Create lead generation opt ins/landing pages on your website. 
    • Buyer Opt Ins
    • Seller Opt Ins
    • Newsletter Opt Ins
  5. Communicate to the audience. 
    • Email/Call CRM contacts regularly
    • Retarget traffic that visit a website with Facebook & Google Ads
    • Post to social media profiles
    • Retarget traffic to your Facebook/Instagram pages with Facebook/Instagram Ads
    • Direct people to your community content & opt ins for hot lead generation